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Why Staging?

Staging, is it a Necessity or Hype?

Whether  we like it or not it's a fact,  A Home Has Only One Opportunity To Make A Good First Impression to the Potential Buyer and Only 15 Seconds to do so. 

Staging your home or property provides you with a distinct advantage. Staged homes sell 32% faster and sell for 3 to 10% more than an unstaged home. Make that difference be yours.

What is Staging?

Home Staging is part of an innovative marketing plan which helps prepare and merchandise the home for sale. By using proven marketing techniques the property is showcased to highlight the aesthetics of the architecture. Staging the property gives the home owner a competitive edge regardless of price, location or the state of the Real Estate market.

Why is Staging Helpful in Selling a Home Quicker?

Staging creates an ambiance that is crucial in today’s Real Estate market. A Staged home is showcased to maximize its charisma and create a positive impact. Potential buyers linger in a Staged home, easily envisioning how their own lives and belongings would fit in comfortable. End result for the seller, homes sell quicker in a slow market and usually for a higher dollar amount in a booming market. 


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