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Staging and Design Services 

Designs by K offers quality Staging and  Decor' services; Whether your need is residential or commercial, Karen's creative talent will generate harmony and balance to any room through the use of color, artwork, accessories and furniture that are proportionate to the space and will dial-in the potential buyer through an emotional connection

Let Karen bring unparalleled design knowledge and experience to you with the following services to enhance your residential or commercial environment. 

  • Vacant Homes & New Construction 
From exterior curb appeal to interior pizazz nothing is overlooked! Designs by K focuses on improving the property in order to make it appealing to the largest number of potential buyers by transforming it through furniture and accessory placement leading the eye to the attractive features of the house while minimizing the flaws or the elephant in the room. Staging may include consultations with the client to select paint color, landscaping, lighting, flooring, fixtures etc. We then work / coordinate with the contractors to ensure all the enhancements are completed. End result creates an emotional connective environment that the demographic buyers find appealing and want to call home!
  • Occupied Properties:
This is a customized solution for occupied homes by using the home owners furniture and accessories and re-designing a new space that is beautiful and has a cohesive finished look. This may mean editing the homeowners existing furnishings or bringing in Designs by K inventory to supplement empty spaces, some restrictions may apply, Please call for details. 
  • Consultations:
A Staging Consultation is the most cost effective way for the homeowner to get their home into the best shape possible to improve saleability. Designs by K offers two types of in-depth Staging Consultations to fit either the property owners time constraints or budgetary needs. Call for details and pricing.

Decor & Design Services - Fast Easy & Affordable
  • One Day Makeover - Re-design, Re-think & Re-fine:
Designs by K focuses on creating instant changes giving your home a fresh and more elegant look the same day. Furniture will be placed in the most striking arrangements, Art will be re-hung and accessories placed to complete the finishing touch. Time frame is usually 3 to 8 hours. Prices start at $400.00 for the first four hours. Each additional hour is billed at $100.00 an hour.
  • New Move-in Decorating
When you arrive in your new home it may seem a small thing to decide where to put the sofa or which wall to place the china cabinet on, or even what color of paint, type of carpeting and window coverings to choose but after all the work of moving out of the old home, the last thing you need is another big decision or another major project. Let Design's by K help with the process. 
  • Specialty Services
Call Designs by K for Specialty Service information and pricing at 206.769.6231

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